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Massage Oil - Liquid Gold

Massage Oil - Liquid Gold

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Marula Oil 

All Natural, Cold-Pressed, Highly Nutritious, Light Weight & Fast Absorbing Oil that is appropriate for all skin types, but ideal for dull or aging skin. 

Marula Oil, which is indigenous to the desert regions of Southern Africa and Madagascar, is rich in nutrients, as well as minerals and fatty acids that help protect against environmental aggressors. They contain powerful antioxidants, including Vitamins C and E, which help fight against premature aging, build collagen, and battle free radicals. 

Marula Oil can help to deeply hydrate your skin, improve skin elasticity, reduce trans epidermal water loss, and increase smoothness and the appearance of skin. 

Recommended Uses:

  • Replace your facial moisturizer with Marula Oil for a lightweight but deeply moisturizing facial treatment.
  • Use as an all-over moisturizer for dry skin. 


  • 60% more Antioxidants than Argan Oil
  • High levels of Omega Fatty Acids help to deeply hydrate the skin, improve elasticity and increase smoothness.
  • By nature, it is anti-bacterial, so you don’t have to worry about clogged pores or breakouts.
  • Its high levels of Oleic Acid keep this oil feeling lightweight, and also allow it to penetrate deeper into the skin, allowing it to work faster and harder than many other facial oils. 
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