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11 Women Describe What Semen Tastes Like to Them

At some point during the giving or receiving of oral sex, you might have wondered: what, exactly, does semen taste like? The answer is...well, it depends on who you ask.

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It turns out, people have some very different interpretations of what that bodily fluid tastes like. Cosmopolitan asked 11 women to describe the flavor of semen, and here's what they had to say. 

1. “The texture and look is similar to Pillsbury cinnamon roll icing that has been out of the oven sitting for 15, maybe 20 minutes. But instead of it being sweet, it’s salty—yet not like any other salty snacks you’ve had before.” —Virginia, 27

2. “It’s a tolerable taste, but not something you would choose to snack on if it were an actual food item. The aftertaste lingers, leaving you with ‘sucking-dick breath,’ and the saltiness eventually fades away.” —Michelle, 24

3. “It tastes almost like salty vomit…but you’re not exactly grossed out by it, but it still tastes funny and weird. Like when you vomit in your mouth maybe!” —Caitlin, 25

4. “The texture is like mucous—the kind you have stuck in the back of your throat. Warm, salty mucous.” —Adrienne, 24

5. “Honestly, I don’t think it tastes like much. The best way I’d describe it is slightly bitter water! It doesn’t taste as bad as people might think.” —Veronica, 29

Human sperm

6. “I think it tastes like oysters, but I hate oysters. So in other words, it’s slightly bitter and slimy yet somehow bland at the same time.” —Hannah, 25

7. “It tastes like you took some cheap hotel shampoo and dumped an insane amount of salt in it. Not a fan.” —Caroline, 23

8. “It’s the texture of watered-down Elmer’s glue with a dash of salt added for flavor.” 
—Lilian, 31

9. “It’s like congealed coconut water. It’s not bad, it’s just like…a strong presence in your mouth that’s flavorless.” —Haley, 25

10. “It tastes like old pennies. Like, musty old pennies. Really.” —Rachel, 24

11. “Thick milk. Actually, not thick—thicc.” —Gina, 29


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